JANTRAN, Inc. is a Lower Mississippi River based towing business specializing in dry goods barge towing. Built upon more than 30 years of river towing and towboat construction experience, JANTRAN has generated an enviable multi-state reputation as the provider of reliable, high quality towing services.

Serving a customer base of barge companies and other towing companies, JANTRAN has created a dominant market niche on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. Their strategic location in the slack water Port of Rosedale, combined with the accumulation of fleeting rights in and around Rosedale Harbor and the entrance to the Arkansas and White Rivers provides the Company with an unbeatable ability to service customers on this portion of the Mississippi River who are looking to move cargo up and down the Arkansas and White Rivers.

JANTRAN's well trained, experienced management team and staff of river Captains, pilots, engineers, mechanics, deck-hands, dry-dock workers and dispatchers work together to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction while achieving exceptional levels of service reliability.

Port of Rosedale, MS


Office: 800-637-7482
Fax: 662-759-6415
Joe Janoush
Port Captain
Jerry Jenkins Fax: 662-759-0949
John Janoush
Hunter Caston
Perry Russell
Paul Janoush
Human Resources
Leslie Jenkins