Oakley Fertilizer

Oakley Fertilizer, Inc. offers a worldwide network of reliable fertilizer sources. This eliminates our dependency on any one supplier, ensuring that we can handle even the largest fertilizer and salts orders quickly and efficiently—while always offering competitive prices.

We have our own trucking company and barge company, so we don’t have to rely on middlemen to ship your orders—by land or water, bulk or bag.

Just as importantly, our staff offers decades of experience in the market—giving us the know-how to solve even the most complicated delivery problems, and a deep understanding of the market forces that can impact pricing volatility. With our commitment to each customer’s best interests, you can count on Oakley to deliver.

Oakley Fertilizer, Inc. offers its services though the following terminals:

Oakley Fertilizer wants to be your fertilizer distributor. Please see the contact list below for assistance.

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Fertilizer Contacts


Tony Frizzell | Sales Manager
Phone: 800-723-0309 Cell: 501-920-1375 Fax: 501-945-6970
Email: tfrizzell@bruceoakley.com

Tyler Morgan | Procurement/Trader
Phone: 800-723-0309 Cell: 501-912-3192 Fax: 501-945-6970
Email: tmorgan@bruceoakley.com

Luke Vance | Sales
Phone: 501-320-8554 Cell: 501-351-7270
Email: lvance@bruceoakley.com

Marvin Pohl | Sales
Phone: 920-954-9836 Cell: 920-428-0557 Fax: 920-364-0029
Email: mpohl@bruceoakley.com

Chris Swindell | Sales
Phone: 800-662-0875 Cell: 501-920-9071 Fax: 501-945-6970
Email: cswindell@bruceoakley.com

Coby Livesay | Sales
Phone: 580-977-4495
Email: clivesay@bruceoakley.com

Mark Wade | Regional Sales/Terminal Manager
Phone: 800-647-9325 Cell: 573-724-7307 Fax: 573-359-0203
Email: mwade@bruceoakley.com

Barbara Plunk | Sales
Phone: 800-662-0875 Cell: 901-483-3059
Email: bplunk@bruceoakley.com

Meredith Main | Barge Logistics
Phone: 501-320-8486
Email: mmain@bruceoakley.com


Patricia Mullins | Accounting Manager
Toll Free: 800-723-0309 Office: 501-945-0875
Email: patricia@bruceoakley.com

Debra Dunavant | Sales and Accounting
Phone: 800-647-9325 Cell: 573-724-7308 Fax: 573-359-0203
Email: ddunavant@bruceoakley.com

For International Freight

Captain Hafeez | Chartering Manager
Phone: 800-723-0309 Fax: 501-945-6970
Email: phafeez@bruceoakley.com


Edward S. (Bubba) Vance | Vice President
Office: 800-723-0309 Cell: 501-920-1376
Email: bubbavance@bruceoakley.com